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501 Rio Grande Place

Suite 104

Aspen, CO 81611

+1 970 920 9428


3550 Frontier Avenue

Unit A-2

Boulder, CO 80301

+1 720 277 0098

Non Finito Residence


Woody Creek, CO

This exposed ranch-land site provides 360 degree views of the surrounding Roaring Fork Valley with little natural vegetation. The design focuses on integrating shading techniques within an exoskeletal structure. A deep profiled structure, which is pulled away from the building envelope, creating a shaded loggia, offers shelter from the intense southern sun. The lower level is buried into the hillside and is covered with a living roof. This concept draws both the visitor and owner to grade and one ascends the project through a vaulted space via a sculptural stair. The upper plan enjoys expansive views of the Maroon Creek Wilderness and Woody Creek Valley.

In form, two perpendicular volumes extend out of the ground, together suggesting an agricultural ‘relic’ that is partially buried into the landscape, reminiscent of the sub-grade potato sheds which formerly occupied the site. Embodying the concept of non-finito, this house embraces a simple plan and clear structural organization through unrefined, tactile material expression.